Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Headaches of the Junk foods

Natural food is the only way to live a healthy life. It is a common practice here for people to jump into fast food shops, pick already made food and pay and move on to their daily activities. Has anyone stopped for a minute to ask some question like?
When was this food actually prepared?
How often is the stock replenished?
What are the essential ingredients of the food I am eating?
Is the food hygienically prepared?
Was the chef sweating and flinging his/her sweat around while preparing the food?
How tidy and safe-conscious are the workers?
Honestly I have witnessed a fast food maker wipe out sweat on face and without washing hands continued to make food for their customers. You must understand that some diseases are carried through eating of infected food. Some of the Bacterial and viruses survive at the temperature our food comes to us. Besides, most fast food cannot do without cheese and other food items that grow micro-organisms very fast. This is why it is to surfer from food poison. All these food items can grow micro-organisms … tomatoes, Cheese, vegetables, spinach, meat, bread etc and in addition fungi growth is even more rapid and enduring.
Develop the habit of buying fresh food items and prepare them whenever time permits, drink clean water, breathe fresh air and clean your immediate environment. All these lead healthy and disease free long life.

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